Welcome to my genealogy page

This site is devoted to my genealogy research.  I plan to use it publish my genealogy lines, and for discussion on various genealogy topics that I am working on.  I encourage anyone who had comments, suggestions or critisisms to post.

If you are interesting in my services as a genealogist, click here.

You can browse the genealogy on this site by clicking on the surname tab.  On these pages I primarily show my own direct line up the various branches.  A detailed tree containing much more detailed information with over 9000 names can be found at Ancestry.com.  The tree is called “Patty Hopkinson” and is public so anyone can view it.  This tree also has links to source material such as census, birth certificates, etc.

I have recently started a YDNA project for the HOPKINSON surname.  Data has started to come in.  Please see my Hopkinson DNA page for information on the project.

I am also one of the Clan Buchanan Society International genealogists.  I have extensive data on Buchanans.

I apologize in advance.  Many of the pages on this site are still under construction.


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