Welcome to my genealogy page

This site is devoted to my genealogy research.  I plan to use it publish my genealogy lines, and for discussion on various genealogy topics that I am working on.  I encourage anyone who had comments or suggestions to post or contact me.

You can browse the genealogy on this site by clicking on the surname tab.  On these pages I primarily show my own direct line up the various branches.  A detailed tree containing much more detailed information with over 9000 names can be found at Ancestry.com.  The tree is called “Patty Hopkinson” and is public so anyone can view it.  This tree also has links to source material such as census, birth certificates, etc.

I have recently started a YDNA project for the HOPKINSON surname.  Data has started to come in.  Please see my Hopkinson DNA page for information on the project.

I am also one of the Clan Buchanan Society International genealogists.  I have extensive data on Buchanans.


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6 Responses to Welcome to my genealogy page

  1. Robert Watson says:

    Nice work here Patty, cant believe I didn’t find it til now.

  2. Adrianna says:

    Hi! I would love to chat about the Hopkinson family with you.

  3. Miles Murphy says:

    Hi Patty,

    Do we know if Andrew and Jane Buchanan and the family were landless in Tyrone? Did they leave specifically due to the famine or were they economic migrants? We know they were able to pay for their own passage, so that says something, but it seems evident they had nothing when they came to Canada. Has there been any more information about their time in Ireland before emigrating?

    • Patty says:


      We don’t know much about their time in Ireland. On one of my research trips to Northern Ireland I was able to find some christening records for their kids. Also a couple of marriage records for the kids. Nothing that explains why they left. Family legend says they left Ireland due to the famine. In William’s marriage registration Andrew was listed as a farmer. So they were likely tenant farmers in Ireland as were most who left due to the famine.


      • Miles Murphy says:

        Thanks Patty. Yes, I would have suspected they were tenant farmers. One wonders how much of their motivation was driven by the famine (certainly the famine had a greater presence in the North than is commonly acknowledged, and across the religious divide) and how much was the pull of new opportunities in Canada. My sense is that Andrew was an optimist. I don’t get the feeling that the family felt themselves to be exiles so much as pioneers. Would that have been your impression?

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