My Cardwell line is from Blackpool, Lancashire, England.  The surname Cardwell is very prolific in Blackpool and all seem to be related.  Rumor has it 3 Cardwell brothers settled in Blackpool early on and they are the originators of the Blackpool Cardwells.

John Cardwell was born 1698 and died 1750.  He married Alice Whiteside (b 1701; d 1764).  They had: Gilbert (b 1718; d 1795).   For information on Alice’s family see my Whiteside page.

Gilbert Cardwell (b 1718; d 1795) married Ann Cornall (b 1721; d 1795).  They had John (b 1758; d 1849), Cuthbert (b 1760), Thomas (b 1760; d 1849), Richard (b 1762; d 1764) and Richard (b 1764; d 1825).  For more information on Ann’s family see my Cornall page.

Thomas Cardwell (b 1760; d 1849) married Alice Hall (b 1768; d 1843).  They had Jane ( b 1789; d 1859), William Cardwell (b 1791; d 1879), Betty (b 1792; d 1793), Ellen (b 1793), Betty (b 1794; d 1797); Rebecca (b 1795), Thomas (b 1797), John (b 1798; d 1801), Richard (b 1799; d 1879), William (b 1799;d 1879), John (b 1801), Agnes (b 1803; d 1879), Mary (b 1803), Nancy (b 1807).  For information on Alice’s ancestors see my Hall page.

Agnes Cardwell (b 1803; d 1879) married John Wilkinson (b 1801; d 1875).  For information on their descendants see my Wilkinson of Lancashire page.

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