My Ash family originates from Lincolnshire, England.

The earliest known ancestor for this line has been proposed to be George Ash, born circa 1646 who married on 4 NOV 1666, ENG, to Elizabeth Needham (bc 1648).  They had, with possibly others: George, bc 1694.  I am becoming less and less convinced that this couple is the father of the George who married Joanna Milson (see next paragraph).  I have removed the Needham page from this website due to my skepticism.  Even assuming Elizabeth was 16 when she married (making her bc 1650), she would have been 46 at the estimated time of birth (some estimates even show his birth as late as 1699, which would make her 49).  That can of course happen on rare occasions, but with no record of any other children I am now questioning the inclusion of this couple as the parents of George who was bc 1694.

George Ash was born circa 1694.  He married on 12 MAY 1724, Killingholme, Lancashire, ENG, Joanna Milson.  See my Milson page for information on Joanna’s ancestors.  They had: Francis, b 18 APR 1725, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG; George, b 9 APR 1727, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG, d 16 JAN 1730, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG; William b 31 AUG 1729, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG; John b 25 MAY 1732; d 18 FEB 1824; Mary, b  20 NOV 1736, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG; and Joanna b 4 JAN 1739, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG, d 1741, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG.  Some trees show that George (bc 1694 moved to CT and was having children in CT.  It is highly unlikely that it is the same George that was in Killingholme.  

John Ash was born 25 MAY 1732, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG; d 18 FEB 1824, Killingholme, Lincolnshire, ENG; married Elizabeth Lincoln on 26 JUL 1762, Beelsby, Lincolnshire, ENG.  See my Lincoln page for information on Elizabeth’s ancestors.  They had: Ann, b 14 OCT 1763, Nettleton, Lincolnshire, ENG (she married Edmund Gibbons); Robert b 11 AUG 1765, Caistor, Lincolnshire, ENG; Lincoln b 6 JAN 1766, Nettleton, Lincolnshire, ENG; Frances c 22 FEB 1769, Nettleton, Lincolnshire, ENG, d OCT 1845 (married John Barnard); Francis bc 1770 (m 1798, Tealby, Lincolnshire, ENG, Mary Thornhill); William b 28 APR 1773, Nettleton, Lincolnshire, ENG (m Ann Cotcheifer on 22 MAY 1809, South Willingham, Lincolnshire, ENG); and John c 30 MAR 1776; d 1808, buried Stainton-le-Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG.

Lincoln Ash was born 6 JAN 1766, Nettleton, Lincolnshire, ENG.  He married Alice Clark(e) on 19 JUN 1785, St. Mary’s, Nottingham, ENG.  He died 21 MAR 1839 and is buried in St. Andrew Churchyard, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG.  See my Clark(e) page for information on Alice’s ancestors.  They had: Francis b 2 DEC 1787, Habrough, Lincolnshire, ENG, d SEP 1869; Theodosa, b 28 JUN 1790, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG, d JULY 1859, Lincolnshire, ENG; Elizabeth b 8 SEP 1792, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG; Ann b 2 FEB 1794, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG (married to John Sheppard 4 FEB 1818, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG); Mary b 26 FEB 1797, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG; George b 19 FEB 1800, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG; and William b 5 SEP 1802, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, ENG.

George Ash was born 19 FEB 1800, Stainton le Vale, Lincolnshire, England.  He married Martha Bentham on 5 AUG 1830, St. Mary’s, West Torrington, Lincolnshire, ENG.  Hed died 17 JUL 1878, Blenheim Twp., Oxford County, Ontario, CAN.  See my Bentham page for information on Martha’s ancestors.  They had:  Pearson, bc 1831; Ellen bc 1833 (married Jake Cronk); Hannah b 17 DEC 1834; Mary Ann b 17 DEC 1834, Blenheim Twp., Oxford County, Ontario, CAN, d 31 DEC 1907, Plumas, MB, CAN; Bentham bc 1836, d 27 OCT 1881, Blenheim Twp., Oxford County, Ontario, CAN; Martha b 2 FEB 1839, Blenheim Twp., Oxford County, Ontario, CAN, d 6 OCT 1906 (married Joseph Collinson); Christopher b 29 AUG 1841, d 2 DEC 1903 (married Sarah Mary Holt on 26 JAN 1864, Perth County, Ontario, CAN).

Hannah Ash was born 17 DEC 1834.  She had: Eliza b 22 ARP 1858.  Hannah later married Francis Johnson on 22 SEP 1876, Elma Twp., Perth County, Ontario, CAN.

Eliza Ash was born 22 ARP 1858, Blenheim Twp., Oxford County, Ontario, CAN and christened 9 OCT 1860, Wesleyan Methodist, Elma Twp., Perth County, Ontario, Canada  Eliza married William James Watson on 22 SEP 1876, , Elma Twp., Perth County, Ontario, Canada.  See my Watson page for information on William’s ancestors and their descendants.

This page has some BMD documents pertaining to my Ash family.


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  1. richard pickwick says:

    we have traced our line back to John Ash (? England-5 Jan 1694 Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts) who married Mary Bartlett (15 Oct 1647 Newbury, Massachusetts- 1709 Massachusetts) on 14 Aug 1667 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.
    John Ash was of Dover in 1659 (according to Savage), Salisbury in 1664 and in the part that became Amesbury. He lived there until his death in 1694. He was a Laborer.

    We have not been able to trace John Ash Sr back to his parents and family line in England. Do you know of anything?

    essex antiquarian vol 5 Page_142 for john ash 7 mary bartlett
    Salisbury and Amesbury families
    History of Andover, NH
    Pickwick & Curtis Ancestry of my Children by Harold C Pickwick MD
    The Maternal Ancestry of my Children by Hazel Ash Pickwick
    Torrey’s Marriages

    • Patty says:

      You have your Ash line traced back father than anything I have. My ash line goes back to the late 1600’s in Lincolnshire. I don’t see any connection to Dover. Of course records start to get very scarce in mid 1600’s.

      Good luck in your search.

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