Birth, Marriage, Death and Miscellaneous Documentation

Below are some links to pdf files of various records I have copied over the years for various families I have researched.  Documents are organized by surname, using maiden names for women.


Eliza Ash death certificate: Eliza Ash.death

Hannah Ash death certificate: Hannah Ash.death

Lincoln Ash death certificate: Lincoln Ash.death

Hannah Ash and Francis Johnson marriage registration: HannahAshFrancisJohnson.marriage

Eliza Ash and William Watson marriage registration: William Watson Eliza Ash.marriage


Elizabeth Brook birth certificate: ElizabethBrook.birth_NEW

Elizabeth Brook death certificate: Elizabeth.Brook.death

Elizabeth Brook and James Wilkinson marriage: JamesWilkinsonElizabethBrook.marriage

Isaac Brook death certificate: IsaacBrook.death


Homestead information for Buchanans in Manitoba: Neepawa Homestead info

James Buchanan death certificate: James Buchanan.death

James Buchanan and Sarah Elizabeth Watson marriage registration: JamesBuchananSarahWatson.mar

William Buchanan and Anne Thompson marriage registration: WmBuchananAnneThompson.mar


Agnes Cardwell death certificate: AgnesCardwell.death


John Craven death certificate: JohnCraven.death

Mary Craven and James Wilkinson marriage certifciate: JamesWilkinsonMaryCraven.marriage

Mary Craven death certificate: MaryCraven.death


Elizabeth Garner death certificate: ElizabethGarner.death

Richard Gardner death certificate: RichardGardner.death


Henry Wilkinson Hopkinson birth certificate: HenryWilkinsonHopkinson.birth

Henry Wilkinson Hopkinsons discharge Canadian Armed Forces:Henry Wilkinson Hopkinson.discharge

John Hopkinson death certificate: JohnHopkinson.death


Joseph Howorth birth certificate: JosephHoworth.birth

Joseph Howarth death certificate: JosephHowarth.death


Jenny Hull death certificate: JennyHull.death


Ruth Jowett death certificate: RuthJowett.death


Betty Lytham death certificate: BettyLytham.death


Jane Scholes death certificate: JaneScholes.death


William Watson and Eliza Ash marriage registration: William Watson Eliza Ash.marriage

Isabel Watson death certificate: Isabel Watson.death Isabel Watson.deathp2

Sarah Elizabeth Watson and James Buchanan marriage registration: JamesBuchananSarahWatson.mar

Sarah Elizabeth Watson birth regiration: Sarah Elizabeth Watson.birth

Wilkinson (Lancashire)

Agnes Wilkinson birth certificate:  AgnesWilkinson.birth

Agnes Wilkinson death certificate: agneswilkinson.death

Henry Wilkinson military discharge: Henry Wilkinson.miliary

Henry Wilkinson death certificate: HenryWilkinson.death

James Wilkinson and Mary Craven marriage: JamesWilkinsonMaryCraven.marriage

James Wilkinson death certificate: JamesWilkinson.death

John Wilkinson death certificate: johnwilkinson.death

Wilkinson (Yorkshire)

Hannah Wilkinson birth certificate: HannahWilkinson.birth

Hannah Wilkinson death certificate: HannahWilkinson.death

James Wilkinson and Elizabeth Brook marriage:JamesWilkinsonElizabethBrook.marriage



2 Responses to Birth, Marriage, Death and Miscellaneous Documentation

  1. Patty, when I looked at the marriage certificate of James Buchanan and Sarah Watson, I was thrilled to see the signature of my grandfather WA Buchanan (Jim’s brother) as Interpreter. Since Jim was deaf, he needed a sign-language interpreter, and my grandfather served that role. As a young child, I remember seeing my grandfather deeply engaged in a sign-language conversation with another man. I asked Dad what they were doing. He said “They are talking in sign language.” Dad then proceeded to show me a few common signs.

    I had basically forgotten all about it until a cousin mentioned that her mother or grandmother knew sign-language. Then suddenly a light went on. Obviously ALL of John and Isabel’s children knew sign-language so they could communicate with Uncle Jim!

  2. Patty says:


    That makes perfect sense. James was deaf as a result of Scarlet Fever as a toddler. So for his siblings to communicate with him they would all have to know it. I know my mother Dorothy M. Buchanan, who was James and Sarah’s daughter knew sign language. I remember one day when I was a child she was signing to someone at a store who was deaf and I was watching very puzzled because I didn’t know she knew sign language. She explained how her Dad got to be deaf and it was just a second language they all knew growing up.

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