My Brook ancestors come from the Paradise Green area of Horton, Yorkshire, England.  The earliest know ancestor is John Brook.   John’s son Isaac was born in 1760.  That would put John’s birth estimate anywhere from 1715-1735 depending on where Isaac was in the birth order.  John’s wife is unknown at this time.

Isaac Brook was born circa 1760.  He married Ruth Jowett and they had numerous children: Hannah (b 1787), Isaac (b 1789), John (b 1790), Samuel (b 1794), Mary (b 1786), Nancy (b 1799), Thomas (b 1802), Joshua (b 1804), Martha (b 1806) and Betty (b 1808).  See my Jowett page for information on Ruth’s ancestors.

John Brook (b 1790) married Jane Scholes.  They had John (b 1815), Sarah (b 1816), Hannah (b 1826), Thomas (b 1826), Adah (b 1828) and Isaac (b1829). See my Scholes page for information on Jane’s ancestors.

John Brook (b1815) married Martha Sharp.  They had Isaac Brook (b 1834), Joseph (b 1836), Hannah (b 1836) Elizabeth (b 1839), Sharp (b 1842), Martha Jane (b 1846), Charles James (b 1847), and Isabella (b 1853).  See my Sharp page for information on Martha’s ancestors.

Elizabeth Brook (b 1839) married James Wilkinson, second Jonas Cockcroft.  See Wilkinsons of Yorkshire for further descendant info.

See this page for BMD documentation on this line.

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    I recently connected with Melissa who helped me fill in some descendants of Isaac (b 1829). Thanks Melissa!

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