Here is a link to a page with general Buchanan Resources that I have extracted or provide links to outside resources.

As genealogist for Clan Buchanan Society International (CBSI) I have research interests in the surname Buchanan that go beyond my own line.  I have inherited the genealogy archives for CBSI from the several prior genealogists for the society.  I have been in the process of digitizing all the files of correspondence and resources (over 2000) of them.  I started this project in November 2014 and have digitized approximately 1500 of the files.  The process is very time consuming and I hope to finish it sometime in 2016.  Once this project is done I will attempt to index the files and make the index available on this website for others so they can contact me about particular lines they are interested in.

My Buchanan family was from Urney, Longfield, and Ardstraw parishes in County Tyrone, Ireland.  They left Ireland in 1847 or 1848 and settled in Elma, Perth County  Ontario.  The earliest confirmed ancestor of this line is Andrew Buchanan, bc 1787, County Tyrone, Ireland.  Andrew married Jane Long/McNeilands (last name uncertain).  The family moved around a lot.  They were in Learmore when they first married and 3 of their children were christened at Derg (Castlederg) Parish Church.  They were in Learmore until approximately 1824.  The were in Cooel (Coolavannagh), Longfield Parish in 1826 in the Tithe Applotments.  They were in Binnawooda in 1843 when son Charles married at Killeter Presbyterian Church and 1846 when son William married in the Longfield Parish Church.

There is also a William Buchanan of Cooel in the Tithe Applotment Books.  This is likely the same William who married at Killeter Presbyterian Church and was from Binnawooda at the same time Andrew was in Binnawooda.

This page has some BMD documents for my Buchanan line.

This is the timeline for my Buchanans when they were in Ireland.

Research Questions

Who is Andrew’s father?  Was Andrew tied to Buchanans of Deroran or Rathmelton (Ramelton)?

How is the William who was in Cooel in the Tithe Applotment records related to Andrew.  A father?  A brother?




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  1. Patty says:

    My current research project has been to refocus on some of the Buchanan lines from the areas are Ireland that I and others are trying to determine if they are related to our Buchanan line.

    Buchanans of Kirlish
    Cousin Bill Buchanan in his blog has posted that William Thomas “Ernest” Buchanan, who is a perfect 67 marker match to our line, is the son if John Buchanan, of Kirlish, and John is the son of William Buchanan of Kirlish. Kirlish is close to Drumquin where we believe our Buchanan line has connections.

    I would love to connect with David Keys, who wrote “Buchanan Family of Coolavanagh (Cooel) Drumquin.” Anyone have his contact info?

  2. Patty says:

    Andrew Buchanan and family were in Learmore, Urney Parish in 1815, 1817, and 1824. They were in Binnawooda in 1843 and 1846. There is a large gap of time between 1824 and 1843 where their location is unknown.

    Son Charles married in Killeter Presbyterian Church in 1843, which is proximally very close to Binnawooda and Learmore. Son William married in Lower Langfield Parish Church in 1846 a woman from Collow, which is proximally close to Drumquin and Coolavannagh.

    There was an Andrew Buchanan in Coolavannagh (Cooel) in the Tithe Applotment Records in 1826. This is the only Andrew Buchanan in County Tyrone in the Title Applotment Records. Was this our Andrew? Andrew’s father is rumored to have lived to a “great age.” Was it likely that Andrew was living with his father rather than in his own household and he is not the Andrew Buchanan of Coolavannagh? Coolavannagh is close to Collow and Drumquin, but not close to Learmore or Binnawooda. Is it likely that Andrew and family lived in Coolavannagh during the period where their location is unknown?

  3. George Buchanan says:

    My Buchanan’s left the Locktay area in 1827/1828 and settled in Lanark co. Ontario,Canada. My grandfather Alexander (1790-1875) and Catherine Campbell
    (abt 1791-1890) had seven children. Do you have any information about this family line?
    If not, do you know any genealogist that could help me?

    George buchanan

  4. Carol Condy Bennett says:

    Hi Patty, My great grandaunt and uncle Sarah Jane Condy and John Buchanan can be found on the 1911 NAI in Clunahill, Coolavannagh living NEXT DOOR to Wm James Buchannan, son of Joseph Buchannan and Catherine Young, who died before 1901 and left Wm James raising many of his younger siblings..see 1901 census. My John was born circa 1850, and Wm. James is a generation different born in 1876, so my theory was that perhaps Wm James’ father, Joseph was a brother to my John. I came to the realization that it was probably back another generation yet…with Samuel and and George…but I have deadended. Does anyone have any information to tie these two families together? I thought I had done a review of GVRB It’s been a year since I had worked on this theory, and with a quick review I see things that red flag my research, but still excited to maybe open this chapter again.

  5. Peggy Sample reen says:

    Hi Patty I talked to you a few years ago about my ancestor John Buchanan born1725. He died in Nashville TN 187 wife Jane Trindle. I am still searching for his connection . I found a group in PA that descended from Alexander Buchanan. Some of that group went o VA. I would like to talk to you again. phone 765 447 5973. Peggy

  6. Jean Lamper says:

    I am trying to find Buchanan’s from Tyrone Ireland area. So far I have them up until Robert and Rebecca Buchanan. Robert was born 1680 and died 1748, Rebecca born 1674 and died 1754, I don’t have her last name. I received my ancestry info from familysearch.com. Don’t know how or where they got their info from. Don’t know who their children are. I’m trying to go bach further and also would like to know how they arrived in the USA. I do have my Buchanan living in Nebraska. Did the get here from Canada?

  7. My records show they had 8 children, but I can’t find her last name either, Yet !

  8. Cindy mcadams says:

    I can’t seem to fine anything on CATHERINE BUCHANAN Who married ALEXANDER ROSS and had a daughter named MARY ROSS here husband last name was PETERSON

  9. Maria Goudal says:

    Good morning,
    Can you advise, of point me in the direction, of the line of John Buchanan (born abt 1712 in Castlederg) married to Eleanor Moore in 1745. They had three daughters and one son, Joseph (born abt 1753). I cannot seem to find anything past this or tie this, our branch, into a larger tree. Thank you.

    • Patty says:


      We dont know who John’s father was. I do have that he likely had a brother, Robert, who married Catherine McDonald/McDonnall. These Tyrone lines are difficult to research because there are so few records in Ireland for the time period.

      I wish I could be of more help.

  10. Katrina Bohanon says:

    My husband is a Bohannon. We found it is from the Buchanan Clan. We cant seem to find anything showing his Irish heritage. Seem more from Scotland. Do you have anything on Bohannon or can you tell us where to look. Thank you for any help.

    • Patty says:


      Bohannons do seem to be Buchanans. There are a few lines that carry this variant spelling. Without more significant detail on your line, I could not begin to tell which line you were from. You will have to start with your husband and work back using traditional genealogy methods and see where the origins are. Most of the Bohannon spelling variants originated once they reach North America rather than from across the pond.

      Patty Hopkinson

  11. Robin Sherman says:

    I am trying to follow up on a story that Alexander Buchanan was killed in 1849 collecting taxes. This was related to me by his descendant Keith Buchanan MLP when visiting the Crossdernott Church. He was married to Alice Vint who died in 1873. I am related via their daughter Elizabeth Buchanan who married John Gilpin Corkhill.

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