The parents of my Isaac Clayton is  unknown.  Whoever they were, they seemed to have had at least two children: Joseph (bc 1791; d 1878), and Isaac (b 1793).

Isaac Clayton (b 1793) married 26 APR 1819, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, Nanny Binns (c 15 DEC 1802, Great Horton, Yorkshire, England).  They had: Mary (bc 1820), Abraham (c 25 MAY 1825, Bradford, Yorkshire, England), Sarah (bc 1826), Binns (c 22 JUL 1827; d 1887), Hannah (bc 1833), James (bc 1835), Nancy (bc 1836), and Mary Ann (bc 1840).  See my Binns page for information on Nanny’s family.

Mary Clayton (bc 1820) married 19 FEB 1937, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, James Howarth (c 20 NOV 1814, Sowerby near Halifax, Yorkshire, England).  See my Howarth page for information on their descendants.

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