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My interest in the surname Hopkinson has led me to try and research Hopkinson families from all over the world.  The Hopkinson surname seems to have originated in Northern England.  By the 1600’s there were numerous Hopkinsons in Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and in the City of London.  While paper genealogy has been able to get us back to a point, it seems impossible to find a paper trail going back to the 1400’s when the surname first shows up in Lincolnshire.  I AM ACTIVELY SEARCHING FOR MALES WITH THE SURNAME HOPKINSON WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS STUDY.  I am particularly interested in descendants of the following lines:

1) James Hopkinson, Wagonmaster.  See my Hopkinsons of London page.  Suprisingly enough, the Y-DNA results indicate that the line that most closely matches it is my line of Hopkinsons from Bury, Lancashire.  Whether someone from Bury went to London, or someone from London went to Bury to settle is still not clear.  There were only 4 genetic differences on the 37 markers.  Statistically there is a 90% chance that there is a common ancestor within 400-500 years.  The common ancestor is before 1600 since we know James Hopkinson, wagonmaster was born around 1600 and there is no common ancestor up until that point.

2) Benjamin Hopkinson and John Hopkinson (brothers) who went to Guyana and the West Indies and were very prosperous.  They both had numerous descendants there, some of which went back to England.  I suspect these brothers were from London or Lancashire originally, but they could be from any line.  See my Hopkinsons of Guyana page for information on this line.

The test involves a simple cheek swab that is sent by mail.  You return the test kit back to the laboratory and the results are posted on the website, by kit number only (no names used on the website).  Please contact me at genealogyph@sbcglobal.net if you are interested in participating in this study.

One question that has always nagged at me is whether or not all the Hopkinson lines originated from one ancestor, or if there are more than one originators of the surname in different regions.   The YDNA study will hopefully be able to answer that if we can get participants from the various regions.  A broader question is what is the genetic relationship between the surnames Hopkins and Hopkinson.  Given how the surname Hopkinson evolved, there is a chance they have the same originators.

Please contact me or visit the Family Tree DNA Hopkinson surname study page for further information.  Visit the website for further details on the result.s

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  1. John Hopkinson says:

    Hi Patty,

    Hopefully you will recall that we met a few years ago when you were touring England and I showed you round Ashover, Derbyshire where my family come from. You were very helpful in starting my family tree research. I have established my line back to William Hopkinson died 1619 buried Ashover, Derbyshire. At that time and for 17th century the Hopkinsons were yeoman farmers at Coldwell Farm on the borders of Ashover and North Wingfield Derbyshire.

    I hope you dont mind me contacting you again but you were very helpful in getting me started with my research. I have also undertaken extensive research of the Birks family – my mothers line – which has proved to be very interesting.

    I hope you are keeping well and are continuing to enjoy your family researches.

    Best wishes

    John Hopkinson

    • johnhopkinson says:

      Hi John ,
      i am also named John Hopkinson and have traced our family back to 1565,please contact me for further information

  2. Benjamin Alaric Hopkinson says:

    Dear Patty,

    I’m not all that good on this technology, but hope you got my comment on another page. I am very interested in your DNA researches. I am the younger Brother of Giles and Ann, and directly descended from John Hopkinson of Guyana. I also have a portrait of his brother benjamin hanging in my house.

    Best wishes,


  3. Diana Ennos says:

    Dear Patty

    We know that our family is directly decended from the Hopkinson’s of Guyana, in particular John Hopkinson. Family members have documents which back this up. We know that Benjamin and John were brothers who came from Halifax in Yorkshire. There is a memorial to the family in one of the churches there. You could use this information to update your website.



  4. Adrianna says:


    I am looking for more information on the Hopkinson family line and photo’s as well. I am currently planning a trip to England and I just want to make sure I have the right member’s in my tree. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. I am also on ancestry.


  5. Woolford Hopkinson says:

    Hi Patty,

    I just received a part of the origin of the Hopkinson name in my family and it goes back four generations, which I estimate to 1850.

    I’m a descendant of David Hopkinson who was an engineer from Beterverwagting, Demerara, Guyana(then British Guiana), via Eleazer Hopkinson, via Reginald(Georgetown, Guyana), who was my grandfather. I would love to share this and see where I fit into the family maze, hopefully.

    Eleazer’s siblings were Emily, William, Arthur, Louisa, Bertha, Lydia, Jonathan, Alfred, Stephany, Quinton, Albert, Milda and Doris. While Reginald’s siblings were Clarice, Cleo, and Henry, Ernest and Baba, who died as kids.

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