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Hopkinson is my surname of birth and I am interested in Hopkinson genealogy beyond the scope of my own line.  Hopkinson is primarily and English surname, although in recent centuries it has spread to Australia, Canada and the United States.  My own family line of Hopkinsons comes originally from Bury, Lancashire, England.  This page will follow only my immediate line.  Much more information is available for collateral lines on my Ancestry.com tree (called “Patty Hopkinson”).

Rae V. Hopkinson of Australia did a lot of work on this family and I have found bits of her research on the web.  One of the most helpful pieces was an article she wrote which contained this chart (HP242.chart only).  The chart shows the various intermarriages between the Hopkinsons, Greenhalghs and Coops of the Bury area.

In an attempt to get the Hopkinson line back farther than I have on this line, I have attempted to analyze the Bury parish records in the 1600’s.  For my findings see my page titled Hopkinsons in Bury area in the 1600’s.

Some BMD documentation on my Hopkinsons

Research Questions

Are the Bury Hopkinsons related to the Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and other Hopkinsons?  The answer to this question seems to be coming in as NO.  The YDNA results are clear.  The lines we have tested from Derbyshire and Lincolnshire have distinct DNA lines from each other and from the Bury lines.  The suprising and very interesting finding is that line of Francis Hopkinson, signer of the Declaration of Independence, is genetically very close to the Bury Hopkinsons.  There are 4 markers different out of 37.  Statistically that means there is a 90% chance that there is a common ancestor about 400-500 years ago.  There are no other lines that closely match Francis Hopkinson’s or the Bury lines.

For years I had only once source for who the father of Thomas Hopkinson, who married Peggy Browne and Alice Rothwell.  That source, which I have come to question listed a Thomas Hopkinson and and unknown wife.  Another source reported his parents as Edward Hopkinson and Phobe Greenhalgh.  Given the diliegence of the second source research I have followed Edward and Phebe as his parents.

My Hopkinson line

Jon(athan) Hopkinson married Mary Hunt on 6 JUN 1699, St. Mary, Bury, Lancashire, England.  They had one child, Edward, who was born 21 JUL 1702, christened 26 JUL 1702, St. Mary’s, Bury, Lancashire, England.  See my Hunt page for information on Mary.  Mary died a few days after Edward’s birth.  Jon later married Agnes Cowpe on 16 AUG 1705.  Jon and Agnes has a son Henry, b 18 JUL 1711; c 29 JUL 1711, St. Mary’s, Bury, Lancashire, England.

Edward Hopkinson was born 21 Jul 1702; christened 26 JUL 1702, Bury, Lancashire, England.  He married Phebe Greenhalgh (bc 1720).  See my Greenhalgh page for information on Phebe’s family.  They had: Ann b 9  NOV 1741, c 17 OCT 1742, Bury, Lancashire, England; Thomas b 23 MAR 1744, c 24 MAR 1744, Bury, Lancashire, England; Richard b 31 AUG 1745, c 8 SEP 1745, Bury, Lancashire, England, d 1816; and Betty b 27 FEB 1748; c 7 MAR 1748, Bury, Lancashire, England.

Thomas Hopkinson was born 16 MAR 1745, and married first on 29 NOV 1768, St. Mary’s, Bury, Lancashire, England, Peggy Brown.  Thomas married second on 6 SEP 1779, Bury, Lancashire, England, Alice Rothwell.  There were no children by Peggy.  Thomas and Alice had: John b 18 APR 1780; Charles b 4 OCT 1781; Edward b 27 JUN 1783; Nancy b 14 FEB 1785; Thomas b 31 DEC 1787; Samuel b 21 OCT 1789, Bury, c 21 OCT 1789, St. Mary, Bury, Lancashire, and at Emmanuel, Holcombe, Lancashire on the same day; Daniel b 4 JUL 1791; Samuel b 2 APR 1793; Alice b 14 FEB 1794; William c 17 MAY 1795, St. Mary’s, Bury, Lancashire; Richard b 13 MAy 1796, d young; Richard b 1 OCT 1797; William c 8 AUG 17898, St. Mary’s, Bury, Lancashire; Joseph b 3 OCT 1779, Nelly c 26 MAR 1803, Emmanuel, Holcombe, Lancashire ; and Jesse b 7 NOV 1806; c 9 JAN 1807, St. Mary’s, Bury, Lancashire.  See my Rothwell page for information on Alice’s family.

Edward Hopkinson was born 27 JUN 1783, and married Elizabeth Gardner on 10 JUN 1827, Bispham, Lancashire, England.  They had: James b 12 AUG 1827, Blackpool, Lancshire, England; Thomas ;b 18 OCT 1829, Bury, Lancashire, England, d 29 JAN 1911, Blackpool, Lancshire, England; and Edward b 4 MAR 1832, Bury, Lancashire, England.  Elizabeth’s last name has also been spelled Garner.  See my Gardner page for information on their descendants.

Thomas Hopkinson was born 18 OCT 1829, Bury, Lancashire, England and died 29 JAN 1911, Blackpool, Lancshire, England.  He Jane Long married on 26 JAN 1853, Bispham with Norbreck, Lanccahsire, England.  They had: Eliabeth c 23 OCT 1856, All Hallows, Bispham, Lancashire, England; Ellen b 11 MAY 1856, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, d JUL 1858; Nanny b 17 OCT 1858, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, d OCT 1859; John b 10 OCT  1860, Great Layton, Lancashire, England; Alice Ellen b 27 MAR 1863, Great Layton, Lancashire, England; Jane b 15 APR 1865; d AUG 1865; Margaret b APR 1865, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; d 28 JUN 1865; Edward c 28 OCT 1866, St. John’s, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; d 6 MAY 1937; Jane b 26 MAR 1869, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; d APR 1870, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; Thomas b JUL 1869, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; Mary Ann b 12 NOV 1871, Great Layton, Lancashire, England; and Richard Gardner b 29 MAR 1874, Great Layton, Lancashire, England.  Jane was previously married to Hugh Bamber.  See my Long page for information on Jane’s family.

John Hopkinson was born 10 OCt  1860, Great Layton, Lancashire, England.  He married on 15 APR 1882, St. John’s, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, Agnes Wilkinson.  They had: Mary Jane c 16 JUL 1882, St. John’s, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; Thomas b 28 OCT 1884, Marton, Lancashire, England; d 3 JUL 1931; James c 6 NOV 1887, St. John’s, Blackpool, Lancashire, England, d 1970/1, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; Henry Wilkinson b 2 APR 1890, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; d 23 SEP 1948, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Edward b 5 MAR 1893, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; William b 13 OCT 1896, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; d 8 AUG 1918, Demuin, Somme, France; Elizabeth Alice bc 4 SEP 1898, St. John’s, Blackpool, Lancashire, England; and Doris c 8 OCT 1899, St. John’s, Blackpool, Lancashire, England.  See my Wilkinson of Blackpool page for information on Agnes’ family.

Henry Wilkinson Hopkinson was born 2 APR 1890, Blackpool, Lancashire, England and  d 23 SEP 1948, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  He married on 25 mAR 1918, Bispham, All Hallows, Lancashire, England, Doris Elizabeth Howarth.  Somewhere circa 1810 he migrated to Canada.  He service in the Canadian Expedition Forces along with his brothers Edward and William (who was killed in action in France).  They had: Horace b 25 NOV 1919, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, d 7 FEB 1999, Hacienda Heights, CA.  See my Howarth page for information on Doris’ family.

Horace Hopkinson was born 25 NOV 1919, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and died 7 FEB 1999, Hacienda Heights, CA.  He married on 18 PAR 1942, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Dorothy Mildred Buchanan (b 19 SEP 1919, Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada; d 3 FEB 1981, Baldwin Park, CA).  They had Allen Brian, Judith Lynn, Bill Henry, Jim Ian, and Patrica Leslie.  I am Patricia Leslie Hopkinson, otherwise known as Patty or Trish.  See my Buchanan page for information on Dorothy’s family.






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  1. Sarah Hopkinson McHatton says:

    Hello. I have been researching both sides of my family tree. Originally, my father and grandfather thought we were related to Francis Hopkinson here in the U.S. but in my research I found a marriage license for a John Taylor Hopkinson that linked him to his father in Bury, Lancashire. That led me to the line you are talking about above. 🙂

    My ancestor is John Hopkinson from 18 Apr 1780! From what I have found at least. It is so awesome to have found this page.

  2. Patty says:


    Its good to run into another cousin! I’ll be in touch via email.


  3. Louise Smith says:

    Dear Patty,

    One of my ancestors is Jesse Hopkinson, b. 1806, Bury. I think he could be a grandchild of Edward Hopkinson and Phoebe Greenhalgh through their son Thomas, but I’m not sure and wondered if you had any information that could help?!

    Many thanks in advance,

    Kind regards

    Louise Smith

  4. nicholson says:

    Any info on Thomas Hopkinson 1801-1863 painted by Bury artist JCFell?

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