Hopkinson wills

Presented on this page are some early wills of Hopkinsons.  Some wills are very difficult to read, but I have been able to glean some information about the families of the testators.  Some of these wills I have scrutenized well and others I have not had a chance to decipher.  So if there are any kind souls who want to transcribe one or more of these I would be happy to post the transcription.

Will of Abraham Hopkinson, Draper of Saint Katherine by the Tower, London (1647)

Will of Anthony Hopkinson, gent of Wicksworth (1619)

Will of Daniel Hopkinson (1637)

Will of Edward Hopkinson, gent of Hackney, Middlesex (1640)

Will of Edward Hopkinson, gent of Messingham (1606)

Will of Elizabeth Hopkinson, widow of Wotton Court (1842)

Will of George Caesar Hopkinson, of Wotton Court (1825)

Will of James Hopkinson (1621)

Will of James Hopkinson, being bound to the East Indies (1633)

Will of John Hopkinson, Innkeeper of Wantage, Berkshire

Will of John Hopkinson, Mariner of London (1635)

Will of John Hopkynson of Kirmington (1506)

Will of Jonathan Hopkinson of Saint Botolph (1647) and here is another copy of the same will Will of Jonathan Hopkinson of Saint Botolph with Algate (1650)

Will of Katherine Hopkinson, widow of Saint Katherine by the Tower, London (1658)

Will of Maria Hopkinson, spinster of Wotten Court (1855)

Will of Marie Hopkinson, Widow of Saint Katherine byt he Tower of London (1648)

Will of Matthew Hopkinson, scrivener of St. James Westminster (1723)

Will of Priscilla Hopkinson, Wife of Alford, Somerset (1652)

Will of Richard Hopkinson, gent of Blyth, Nott (1809)

Will of Robert Hopkinson of HIgh Holborn, Middlesex (1831)

Will of Thomas Hopkinson, Apothecary of Saint Olave Jewry, London (1673)

Will of William Hopkinson of Saint Mary Magdalene, Southwark, Surry (1510)


3 Responses to Hopkinson wills

  1. Susan Hopkinson says:

    Such an interesting page. I am in Canada, but my grandfather John Addy was the only sibling of 12 who came to Canada. I have a family tree going back to Approx 1790’s with the marriage of Joseph Hopkinson to Susanna Crosley. They would be my great great great grandfather. You have certainly put a lot of research into your site. The wills are amazing to look at, pretty hard to read. Thanks Susan Hopkinson, Ontario Canada

    • Donna Harte says:

      Hi Susan, are you related to the John Hopkinson of Sudbury Ontario?
      I work for a Great West Life insurance agent, and am trying to locate the above Susan Hopkinson.
      Best regards,

  2. Susan Hopkinson says:

    DONNA HARTE, Better late than never to say that is not me.

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