According to A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, the Hopkinson surname originates from the given name Robert, which evolved into Hobbs and Hobson, and then sharpened into Hopps, Hopkins, and Hopkinson.  It has numerous spelling variations throughout history including Hopkynsonne, Hobkinson, Hopkynson, etc.

See the Hopkinson DNA page for information on the YDNA study of this surname.

See my Hopkinson wills page for some early Hopkinson wills in England, primarily in the London area.

Hopkinsons in Lancashire page for my research interests in Hopkinsons from Lancashire.

See Hopkinsons of London page for my research interests in Hopkinsons in London in the 1600 and 1700s.

See Hopkinsons of Guyana page for my research interests in Hopkinsons that settled in Guyana.



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  1. David Hopkinson says:

    Hi my line is back as far as Edward Hopkinson born 1712 died 27121780,

    DOes that link to your line?VIsited to Tottington? bury and the original farm now a housing estate.

  2. Patty says:


    We are probably related. I think all of the Hopkinsons in Bury, Tottington, Elton area are. I will reply to you more completely by email.

    Thanks for contacting me! I love to find new cousins.


    • Patricia LOPEZ Hopkinson says:

      Hi Patty,

      My name is Patricia LopezHopkinson. I live in California.
      My mother is Patricia Hopkison from Long Island New York.
      Her father was Joseph Hopkinson, who had two brothers -William and Donald.
      I found out through my great Uncle Bills’s Genealogy of the Hopkinson lineage that we are related to Francis Hopkinson who signed the Declaration of Indepence. I was just wondering if there was a possiblity if you and I were related?

      • Patty says:


        It is good to meet you! I will send you an email and get into more detail on our possible connection.

        Patty Hopkinson

  3. Rae Hopkinson says:

    Dear Patty,
    In an idle moment I googled my own name, and found you. Thank you for your kind words about my research. I’m so pleased to know you are another one of the Edward/Phoebe family.
    I am Australian, aged 76, and married (1968)to John Moorcroft Hopkinson who was born in 1935 in Thornton-Cleveleys nr Blackpool to Joseph Hopkinson(1894/5-1971) and Winifred Nelson(1901-1997). John came to Australia to work in 1962 and is an only child as was his father, who was born in Tottington at Booth Farm. We have 2 children: Richard b 1969, mar with 2 stepsons and one of his own (Daniel aged 5) They live locally here in N Queensland. Our daughter Margaret b 1971 is unmar and lives in Dublin.
    We have been fortunate in making many family visits to Lancs so I have been to Tottington & Bury several times and have researched in Manchester, Bury and the Lancs CRO in Preston.
    I agree with you that many of the Hs in Bury and surrounds are of the same or closely linked families, but there was one in Bury ca 1851-61 that had come from Yorkshire. John Hopkinson oldest son of Thomas H & Alice Rothwell lived on the other side of Bury and some of his descendants went to Glasgow in the distilling business, and to Fall River in ?Mass., USA when cotton mills were established there ?1870s.
    I haven’t done any research since about 2000 – moved into other interests- and you probably have everything I found.
    Do get in touch – nice to “meet” another relative.
    Kind regards, Rae Hop

  4. Susan Hopkinson says:

    Very interesting site. My grandfather John Addy Hopkinson b.3/2/1875 d.29/9/1949 was the only sibling of 12 to move to Toronto Canada. I have family tree for Hopkinson going back to Joseph Hopkinson b. 7/9/1811 d. 17/8/1872. Married Mary Addy 1812 – 1870. Pretty sure the roots are in Yorkshire, and know Ian D. Hopkinson b. 1914 d.1979 was owner of Hopkinson Works in Huddersfield. A valve company. Obviously I have many relatives in U.K. but have kept track of only 1 in Sheffield. There are no male Hopkinsons in our family. Perhaps we are related?

    • Patty says:


      Your line sounds very familiar. I will be in touch offline.


    • Tom Hopkinson says:

      Hi Susan, Just found this site. I’m fairly confident that we will be related. My grandfather was Ian Hopkinson who owned Hopkinsons in Huddersfield which is where I am orginally from.

      • Susan Hopkinson says:

        Hello Tom! Indeed we would be related. Are you Chris and Helen”s son? Please contact me.

        • Susan Hopkinson says:

          Sorry, of course you are not Chris And Helen’s son. I do remember meeting your Grandfather Ian. We came as a family to England in 1964. Met Ian, Elsie, and their son (your dad ?) and daughter. Sorry, I have misplaced family tree so names are not at the tip of my tongue. I think your dad was just a couple of years younger than me at the time.

    • John D.B.Owen says:

      My great grandfather was Robert Addy Hopkinson(, brother to your John Addy Hopkinson. Their father was also John Addy Hopkinson b. 1835 d. 1895 in Ingleton, North Yorkshire (where I now live). {for Susan’s information}.
      John Addy Hopkinson(1) was the son of Joseph Hopkinson who was the founder of Hopkinsons in Huddersfield. Joseph’s father was William who was born 1790 in Drighlington(between Huddersfield & Leeds). He was a stonemason.
      Robert Addy Hopkinson had a son, Philip Gisbert Hopkinson b. 1899 d. 1968, who in turn had a daughter, Sheila Mary Hopkinson b.1925 d. 2006 who was my mother. I was born 4/12/ 1946.

      I hope this information is of some help to both you and Susan. I was not aware I had relatives in Canada on this branch although my father trained as a Lancaster pilot somewhere near Hamilton during the second world war.
      Sorry not to contact you sooner.
      Best wishes

      John Owen.

      • Susan Hopkinson says:

        Hello John,
        Indeed we are family and please contact me and we can learn more. I think my Grandfather John Addy was a bit of a black sheep, and happily forgotten by the Hopkinson’s of Huddersfield.
        But indeed you have quite a few family members in Canada.

  5. Lee Hopkinson says:

    Patty, can you provide any information regarding the Hopkinsons who came from England to Fall River, Massachusetts. My grandfather was Clarence Lewis Hopkinson and grandmother was Laura Bell (Macomber) Hopkinson. I believe there was a brother Thomas Hopkinson but not sure. My father was Hubert and he had a sister Edith.

    If you are interested I can provide some updates to the tree.

    Thank you.


    • Judith Hague says:

      I just saw this note about the Hopkinson’s in Fall River, Mass. However, it was written 2 years ago. If per chance the person looks again for information on Clarence and Laura Hopkinson’s father, I do have some. My mother was the daughter of Ewart Stanley Hopkinson, brother of Clarence Hopkinson. their father was Thomas Hopkinson and their mother was Martha Jane. I knew Laura Hopkinson as a child. She was my great aunt, and my grandmother’s very good friend. My grandmother had been married to Ewart Stanley Hopkinson. Aunt Laura had to children: Edith and Hubert. I can share more if you respond.

      Judith Hague

  6. Steve Holt says:

    Hi Patty….my mothers line are Bury Hopkinsons and I’ve gone back as far as William Hopkinson born in 1814 in Tottington Wighey End thru his son Reuben born in Bury Pimhole in 1864 to my Grandfather Francis born in 1906. The line is still going. I’m sure we connect somewhere along the way! Chrs.

  7. Peter Hopkinson says:

    I was born in Chesterfield Derbyshire In 1959 . & I have traced my direct family tree back to 1565 William Hopkinson of Coldwell farm North Wingfield .
    I am sure this ancestor will be in your own records . if I can help you in any way please contact me through my E-mail.
    P Hopkinson.

  8. Libby Hall says:

    Dear Patty

    I have just bought a two-volume facsimile manuscript of Arnold Bennett’s ‘Old Wives Tale’, published in 1927, with remarkable bookplates saying they are ex libris ‘John Addy Hopkinson’. I doubt there could have been more than one John Addy Hopkinson in 1927 – it is such a distinctive name. Can you tell me anything about him? Was he known to be a book collector? (These were expensive when they were first published in an edition of only 500.)

    I’d love to know more about the man who was interested in Arnold Bennett, and who had such unusual bookplates.

    Best wishes
    Libby Hall

    • Patty says:


      There was more than one John Addy Hopkinson, but they were father and son! The son is likely the one you are interested in. he was born 3 FEB 1875 and died 29 SEP 1949. He was the son of John Addy Hopkinson and and his first wife Mary Liversedge. This is one of the lines that I am working on, but do not have a lot of different sources for at the moment. I don’t know what his occupation was, but his father was a mechanical engineer, so they were well off and his children likely educated. I will see if I can dig some more information on him up for you when I get some free time.

    • Susan Hopkinson says:

      Hi Libby,
      That would be my Grandfather John Addy Hopkinson. I also have some older books with his bookplates in them. I have an Arnold Bennett that was his, Imperial Palace, a signed, limited edition printing on hand made paper. Alos some lovely compilation art books that I have never been able to find in any book listing.
      John Addy Hopkinson was born in Huddersfield, Eng and immagrated to Canada in the very eary 1900’s. He lived in Toronto Ontario. He was a graphic artist I think perhaps a book binder. He died in 1949, so never knew him, and my dad did not talk much about his family. What a wonderful small world. Did you pick the book up in Canada somewhere? If there is an email connection for me, happy to discuss any more.
      Sue Hopkinson

  9. Shane Hopkinson says:

    Hi Patty

    I am a beginner genealogist in Australia and while I don’t use Google much came up with your site on spec.

    I am fairly certain that John Hopkinson (1818-1911) is my 2nd great grandfather who was transported here in 1838 from Derbyshire.

    Not sure if that’s of interest but thought I’d write and make some connections towards the British end of the tree.



  10. Susan Hopkinson says:

    Hi Patty,
    I was very excited to find 3 post here regarding my family. I would love to connect with these people. I understand you would not pass out their information to me, but if you could forward my replies to them, with my email, that would be very appreciated.
    The 3 people would be Tom Hopkinson, John D.B. Owen, and Libby Hall.
    Also a while back, I sent you our family tree. I hope you received it and it was useful in your research. Thanks Sue Hopkinson

  11. David Smith says:

    Hi all. I came across this website as part of my research for a course I am running.

    I work at the Heritage Quay, the University of Huddersfield archive service. We have the Hopkinsons company archive which was deposited here a few years ago. John Owen – I have just read a copy of a letter I believe you sent to the company to about the 1924 Empire Exhibition trip. You will be pleased to know that those materials are now stored here for posterity.

    If any of you are interested in consulting the archive in person please feel free to contact us and arrange a visit. We also have some parts of the collection on display in our public gallery until the autumn (2016)

    • John D.B. Owen says:

      Hi David,
      It is now a few years since I met Hilary Haigh and gave her some information and a photograph of John Addy Hopkinson senior. I presume she has now retired. The last I heard you were waiting for a lottery grant to be able to set up a display at Heritage Quay.
      Sorry not to have spotted this sooner. Is the display still active? If so I would love to come for a visit as soon as I can.
      I was given a guided tour of Hops before it moved and took some amazing photos. I was told then that the archive was coming to you and I am delighted it was saved. I have been in touch with one or two of the staff who used to work at Hops many years ago after I made a request through the Examiner.
      I may have more information for your records as a result.
      I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  12. Debbie Sweeney says:

    Hi Patty,

    I tried to contact you quite a few years ago technology is much better now. My grandfather was Oliver William Hopkinson b. May 31, 1886. When he died he lived on Tome St. Ridley Park PA and had been working at the University of Penn. His father was Julius, b. July 2, 1859, d. June 1, 1906; m. sept 1, 1885 Lillie Barteles. Oliver William had Oliver William.
    I would like to know what else you know about him. I also met with Edward Hopkinson from Gladwyn, PA

    • Patty says:

      I am glad you found my website. I have quite a bit on your family. I’ll contact you by email with a more detailed response.

      Patty Hopkinson

      • Debbie Sweeney says:

        Hi Patty,

        I would still like some information, anything you have on my family. Thank you

        • Patty says:


          Sorry for the delay. Life has been hectic. I know I have quite a bit on this line. I’ll try and get you off an email with the info I have.


  13. Patrick Lang says:

    Recently came across and have read this web-site with great interest.
    My contribution concerns Hopkinsons Ltd of Birkby, Huddersfield for whom I worked from 1956 until 1983 initially as Drawing Office office boy thro’ to Export Manager and finally Sales Executive.
    I knew Ian G. (not D), Hopkinson, his wife Elsie and late son Edward through all those years and had contact with Edward for some time after I left for fresh pastures.
    The company, founded in 1843 by Joseph Hopkinson, was not owned by Ian – it had long been a quoted limited company, and is now part of the Weir Group.
    He was, when I joined the company, Works Director, becoming Managing Director and finally Chairman.
    They were a lovely family.
    I am delighted to read that the Hopkinsons archive is up and running at Huddersfield University, where I learned my engineering.
    I think a former colleague, John Keegan, was very involved with salvaging everything when the Birkby site closed and passing to the University.
    Hope this is of interest to someone somewhere.

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