Hopkinsons of Guyana

I am very interested in finding a male Hopkinson descendant of this line to participate in the Hopkinson DNA study.  I would like to see how this branch that went to Guyana ties into the other Hopkinson families.  Please see the Hopkinson DNA page for information on the DNA study.

Two Hopkinson brothers settled in British Guiana (now Guyana) in the late 1700’s and had numerous children.  Some descendants went back to England and were educated and raised there.  Some children seem to have stayed in Guyana.   Much of the information on the early generations of this line is obtained from The Four Pillars: A Genealogical Journey, by Kenneth Joyce Robertson.

From the below mentioned Benjamin, we find the following were all siblings of unknown parents: Elizabeth Hopkinson, bc 1756 (married unknown Hogg); Benjamin Hopkinson, bc 1758, England; d 1801, Bath, Somerset, England; John Hopkinson, bc 1761, England; d 25 SEP 1821, Aiburth, Lancashire, ENG; Grace Hopkinson; Eleanor Hopkinson; Martha Hopkinson; Joseph Hopkinson; and Ann Hopkinson.

Benjamin Hopkinson, bc 1758, England; d 1801, Bath, Somerset, England, married on or about 17 JAN 1795, Jane (LNU).  Johanna, who he may or may not have married, was a mulatto women in Guyana by whom he had several children: Elizabeth Ann, Jonathan, Benjamin James, b NOV 1785, Tobago; c 14 JUL 1798, St. Andrew, Undershaft, London, England; John Thomas, b 14 FEB 1787, Demerara, Guyana (he died in an assylum Palace Much, Hadham, Hertforshire, England.   Nothing further is know about the descendants of Benjamin.

His brother John’s line is more detailed.  John Hopkinson, bc 1761, England; d 25 SEP 1821, Aigburth, Lancashire, England.  He had children by two women of color in Guyana.  By Elizabeth Rogers had had: David, Hugh, John, Jonas, Benjamin, Eliza bc 1810, and Jonathan, bc 1816, d 6 JAN 1882, Frant Sussex, England.  By Rebecca Rogers he had: Elizabeth, Joseph, and Thomas.  The exact number of children is not definite, nor is which mother is the parent of all of the children, but this is the best guess we have at this point.

Jonathan Hopkinson, bc 1816, d 6 JAN 1882, Frant Sussex, England.  Jonathan was married twice.  First to Elizabeth Hogg on 19 AUG 1816, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England.  I have found no children by his first wife.  Jonathan married secondly Emily Elizabeth Cuthill on 25 JUN 1868, St. Mary, Lewisham, England.  By Emily he had at least the following children: Elizabeth, bc 1871, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England; Emily Mary bc 1872, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England; John Alfred bc 1874, Frant Sussex England.  Jonathan and his children show up in several census’ in England.

John Alfred Hopkinson was born circa 1874, Frant Sussex England.   He married Edith Gadd, bc 1872.  They had John b 1897, Lewes, Sussex, England; Lionel Francis , b 26 NOV 1900, St. Nicholas, Sydling, Dorset, d 1968, Bournemouth, Dorset, England; Edith Avela Marian bc 1904, Maiden Newton, Dorset, England; and Emilius Claud bc 1905, West Wellow, Hamprshire, England.    He is in various census returns from 1881 to 1911.

Lionel Francis Hopkinson was born 26 NOV 1900, St. Nicholas, Sydling, Dorset, died 1968, Bournemouth, Dorset, England.  He married but his wife’s name is unknown.  It is unknown if he had any children.  He was a stock and sharebroker for many years in Malaysia.






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  1. My name is Candice Hokpinson…. my father is Dale Hopkinson his father is Lionel Richard Hopkinson both my dad and his dad are from British Guyana. my grand\pa died at 96 years old. I am trying to see if there is any connection to my family

  2. Patty says:


    I will send you a reply via email.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Fay Whitehead says:

    Benjamin and John Hopkinson, who went to Demerara, were from Halifax, Yorkshire and were the sons of a Joseph Hopkinson.

    Benjamin Hopkinson had three children by the mulatto woman, Johanna Hopkinson, whom he did not marry – Benjamin James, Elizabeth and John Thomas Hopkinson.
    in 1794, he married Jane Lang and had four children by her.

    John Hopkinson had three children by Rebecca Rogers in Demerara and after her death, he had six children by her sister, Elizabeth. They moved to Liverpool and lived in Aigburth Hall.

  4. Diana Ennos says:

    My grandfather was called Arthur Hopkinson. I believe he was a descendant of John Hopkinson of Guyana. I have uncles and cousins that are Hopkinsons. I do not know if they are part of this DNA tree.

    • Patty says:


      I will be in touch shortly via email. Thank you for contacting me!


    • Marilyn Massay says:

      Is your mother’s name Florence Hopkinson? Back in the day, many of the names repeated themselves, so I would not be surprised if your grand-father is another ‘Arthur Hopkinson’. By the way, I am from Guyana, my mom’s maiden name is Hopkinson, and her uncle’s (father’s brother) name is Arthur Hopkinson.

  5. Giles Hopkinson says:

    I am a direct descendent of John Hopkinson of Gyana (d. Aigburth Lancashire Sept 1821), via: Benjamin m.Elizabeth Bates of Halifax (d. Ambleside 1868)_ Charles Girdlestone m. Laura Blumer of Sunderland (d. Newcastle on Tyne c.1928_ Arthur John m. Eleanor Richardson of Newcastle on Tyne. I was born Nov. 1931.

    I would be interested to get in touch

  6. Ann Colville (nee Hopkinson) says:

    I am the older sister of Giles Hopkinson. I live very close to Brathay Church, Ambleside where there are the graves of Benjamin Hopkinson, his wife Elizabeth Bates, and some of his children. There is further information about this family in the local archives held in the Armitt Museum, Ambleside.

    I would be happy to see if there are any relevant records.

    Ann Colville

  7. Benjamin Alaric Hopkinson says:


    I am the younger brother of Ann and Giles and I would be very interested to be in touch. I now live in Northumberland.

    Best wishes.

  8. Herman Hopkinson says:

    I was named after my Father Herman Fitz Gerald Hopkinson of Essequibo. I had one uncle Harold Hopkinson and my grandmother was Susan Hopkinson. I never heard of or seen a grandfather. I would greatly appreciate an assistance in locating my cousins. I would be happy to provide a DNA sample. I am presently residing in Maryland but we first migrated to Edmonton Alberta, Canada.
    I have five siblings Terrence, Errol(deceased), Pat, Eartha, myself(Herman Jr) and Donna.
    Please help.

  9. Fay Whitehead says:

    I cannot remember if I said this previously, but Kenneth Robertson’s book has many inaccuracies. He also interprets history through hindsight, which distorts it. I found it very disappointing.

  10. My name is Oliver Hopkinson, based in England. My knowledge of family history is patchy at best. I’m aware that my father’s family were from Dartmouth, Essequibo. My Grandfather was called Nathaniel ‘Namon’ Hopkinson, his wife’s maiden name was ‘Munro’. If I’m not mistaken, he fathered eleven children including five sons. My father – Herbert was the youngest son. I am fascinated by this study, and would be interested in finding out more with a view of participating. However I am unsure as to whether my family line is linked to this matter.

    • Marilyn Massay says:

      Oliver, I’ve been trying to link the Hopkinson’s from Guyana for some time, but have been unsuccessful for the most part. My grandfather was Jonathan Hopkinson(died at 95 yrs old around 1985) and he was from Ruimveldt. My mom is one of his 6 children. Based on information I’ve collected, Johnathan’s siblings were Hubert, Horatio, Davis and Arthur. Could you list your uncle’s and aunt’s names by your father’s side? I was born in Georgetown, Guyana and reside in Greensboro, North Carolina. My mom(Joycelyn Hopkinson) lives in NY.

      • Melissa says:

        My great grandfathers name was Hubert Hopkinson from, rosehall, Guyana. I am untested in finding out if it is the same Hubert you listed.

        • Marilyn M says:

          Only the older Hopkinsons would be able to help to ‘connect the dots’, and there are not many willling ones out there. I have tried. Other than their immediate siblings and parents, they do not have much more information to offer.

  11. melissa says:

    hi my mother is afro- Guyanese her father’s name was Hilton Hopkinson. he was a police officer in Guyana.

  12. melissa says:

    I have uncles who are Hopkinson’s from Guyana as my grandpa, Hilton Hopkinson, had three boys. one died. the other two are still alive

  13. Michelle says:

    Hi, my grandfather was reginald harold hopkinson from Georgetown, Guyana. I would love to find out more about the Hopkinson family.

  14. Thalia Moore says:

    Hi,i am Thalia from Guyana, looking for the Hopkinson Clan ,I am the great great grand daughter of Butt Hopkinson ( brother of David and Jonathan Hopkinson),of Beterverwagting-Guyana and Maxime Johnson (of Montserrat,West Indies).My great Grand mother is the late Margret Hopkinson. I wish if i can reconnect with the family as part of knowing my true identity.Note we are planning a Hopkinson Family Reunion in 2019.
    Note Margaret Hopkinson siblings are
    1. Steadman Hopkinson
    2. Charlie Hopkinson
    3.Elton Hopkinson

    • Patty says:


      Thank you for finding my website. I will send you a reply by email once I have had a chance to review the info you provided and see if I can fit it in to my current data on Hopkinsons for Guyana.

      Patty Hopkinson

    • Marilyn Massay says:

      Hi, Could you say where the Hopkinson Family Reunion will be? Please keep me posted on this. Also, please see my next post about the Hopkinson Family tree, which I started….Thank you.

    • J. Taylor says:

      When and where will the reunion be held?

  15. Marilyn Massay says:

    Hello, This is Marilyn Massay. I have begun putting a Hopkinson flowchart/family tree together using Microsoft Word, based on the information I currently have. I tried adding the document to this post, but was unable to. If anyone is interested in receiving the family tree, please email me at mtequilam957@aol.com. Connecting via email would be a great way to develop the document and make it more accurate….Thank you.

    • Patty says:


      I’m glad you are still working on the Hopkinsons. Please update me when you get a moment. I have the data your provided me a few years back, but there were not dates to go with the names and I’d like to update the tree further.

      Patty Hopkinson

  16. J. Taylor says:

    I knew Hubert Hopkinson very well. He lived in London, his sister Stella Hopkinson visited from Guyana. She had a daughter named Cicely Hopkinson also living in London. Her daughter was either named Vanessa or Samantha. Also know some of the family here in the US.

  17. J. Taylor says:

    Hi Patty
    My grandmother was married to a Hubert Hopkinson. He had a sister who visited us from Guyana her name was Stella Hopkinson she had a daughter in London Cicely Hopkinson.

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