Linnen (Linning)

My family of Linnens originates from Scotland.  The surname in early christening varies in spelling, including: Linnen, Linen, Linning.  Children of the earliest known ancestor all took differet surame spellings.  John Linen was born circa 1676 in Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland.   His wife’s name is unknown.  He had: Jean (c 28 MAR 1708, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland),  William (c 25 APR 1714, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland; d young), Janet (c 27 MAY 1816, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland), William (c 24 OCT 1718, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland), Thomas (c 24 OCT 1718, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland).

William Linnen was christened 24 OCT 1718, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland.  He married Isobel Home on 25 NOV 1850, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland.  They had: Alexander (c 6 FEB 1752, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland), John (c 3 FEB 1754, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland), David (c 29 FEB 1756, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland), William (c 15 JAN 1758, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland), annd George c 15 FEB 1760, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland).  For information on the Isobel, see my Home page.

Alexander Linnen was christened 6 FEB 1752, Greenlaw, Berwickshire, Scotland.  He married Margaret Forsyth (bc 1760) on 2/23 AUG 1783, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland.  They had: Isabel (b 9 AUG 1787, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland), Robert (b 7 OCT 1789, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland),  George (c 20 SEP 1791, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland), Margaret (b 29 JUN 1794, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland), Alexander (b 25 OCT 1796, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland), Mark (b 4 SEP 1798, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland), Elizabeth (b 20 FEB 1803, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland; d DEC 1846), and Janet (b 9 JUL 1805, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland).  For information on Margaret’s family, see my Forsyth page.

Elizabeth Linnen was born 20 FEB 1803, Stichel, Roxburgh, Scotland and died DEC 1846, Ontario, Canada.  She married James Watson on 1 NOV 1821, Ogdensburn, St. Lawrence Co., New York.  For information on thier descedants see my Watson page.


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