The addition of this surname has some confusion associated with it.  Thomas Lund had Jane Lund, circa 1806, Blackpool, Lancashire.  Thomas’ name is derived from Jane Lund’s marriage registration to John Hardman.  Jane Lund apparently had a child with or was married to a John Long.  The child’s name was Jane Long, born about 1828 in Southport, Lancashire.  See Long page for Jane.  Jane Lund married John Hardman in 1841.  At the time of her marriage to John Hardman, she was called a spinster.  In 1851 her daughter Jane Long was then a widow, called Jane Bamber and was living with her mother, step father, and half siblings.  Jane Long’s marriage registrations both list her father as John Long.  It is possible that the John Hardman married a different Jane and that Lund is not the correct surname for this person.  A second Ancestry tree came to the same conclusion that I did in that Jane Lund is the mother of Jane Long who married both Hugh Bamber and Thomas Hopkinson.

Jane Lund and John Hardman had: Alice Ellen bc 1842, Marton, Lancashire; Thomas bc 1843, Blackpool, Lancashire; Robert, bc 1846, Layton, Lancashire; and Jenny Ann, bc 1850, Marton, Lancashire.

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