James Murgatroyd was born circa 1650, Yorkshire, England.  He had: James bc 1684, John bc 1687, and William c 19 JUN 1689, Luddenden, Yorkshire.

William Murgatroyd was christened 19 JUN 1689, Luddenden, Yorkshire.  He married Hannah Newill on 27 MAY 1714, Halifax, Yorkshire.  See my Newill page for information on Hannah’s family.  They had: Thomas bc 1715, Warley, Yorkshire; Sarah bc 1719, Warley, Yorkshire; James bc 1721, Warley, Yorkshire; and John c 24 JAN 1724, Luddenden, Yorkshire.

John Murgatroyd was c 24 JAN 1724, Luddenden, Yorkshire.  Had had: John bc 1747, Warley, Yorkshire; William bc 1749, Warley, Yorkshire; Betty bc 1753, Warley, Yorkshire, Anna bc 1753, Warley, Yorkshire; James bc 1753, Warley, Yorkshire; Sarah (Sally) bc 1756, Warley, Yorkshire; James bc 1764, Warley, Yorkshire.

Sarah (Sally) Murgatroyd  was born circa 1756 and died 19 JAN 1816, buried in Nonconformist Cemetery, Horton, Yorkshire, England.  She married George Scholes on 7 AUG 1775, St. Peter’s, Bradford, Yorkshire, England.  See my Scholes page for information on their descendants. The Scholes family seems to have also originated in Warley.

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