Myerscough (Maskow/Mascow/Maskew)

I would be very interested in communicating with anyone who is researching this name in England. In my family, the name shows us as Maskow.  The finding of this surname in my family tree was exciting.  It is the first name in my tree that seemed clearly with origins out of the British Isles.  On first impression, I thought it was eastern European, perhaps Polish or German.  It is a quite a rare name in England and there are only a few families, mostly in Northern England, that I have been able to locate in England at any one given time.  The spelling of the name seems to have several variants, including: Mascow, Maskew, Mascou, Masco.  My initial research on the origin of the name came up with French Huguenot origins. The website indicated that the surname showed up in England in the 16th and 17th centuries as a result of the immigration of French Huguenots and the name was Masque or Mascue, which was Anglosized to the several variants listed above. Posts to this website argued the name shows up as early as the 1500’s in Lancashire, which would have been prior to the French Huguenot immigration time period.  The largest immigration of French Huguenots into England was in the 1690’s.  As it turns out, my hopes for crossing the North Sea to the continent have been dash.  The Maskow (and the other variants) are variants of a very English surname, deriving from Myerscough.

My only known ancestor is Marjary Maskow, who married John Cornall on 2 AUG 1717, Longridge, Lancashire and seemingly again on 2 DEC 1717, St. Michaels, St. Michael on Wrye, Lancashire.  They were both of Inskip with Sowerby at the time of their first marriage.  I estimate her birth to be circa 1697.  The only Maskew family I can find in this parish, or in surrounding parishes, at this time  is Nicholas Maskew.  He married Dorothy Wilding on 10 AUG 1703, St. Michaels, St. Michael on Wrye, Lancashire.  However, they had no child with the name Marjary that I can find trace of.

There is a will for a John Mascow in 1727 that is the John Maskow who was married 1st to Alice and 2nd to Mary. I had hopes that his will would list a daughter Marjary, but it did not turn out to be so. It did mention a daughter (not named in the will) who married William Cornal.  Marjary married John Cornal, so I was hopeful that there might be a connection. As it turns out, his daughter Mary married William Cornal and they had numerous children. I still have not ruled out that there was another daughter not named in the will that could be Marjary.


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  1. Patricia Maskow Firem says:

    Dear Patty,
    I have tried over the years to research where my maiden name, Maskow, originated.
    My parents always told me it was from Germany. However, your research suggests it is
    from Great Britain, which is also what my recent DNA analysis suggests. Thank you
    for your research which corroborates the DNA. Let me know if you have any further
    research to share.
    Patricia Maskow Firem

  2. ALAN BRIGGS says:

    My great grandmother was Winifred Myerscough. There is a fine picture of her on my tree on …she was descended directly from the family at Sowerby (Sourby) James Wilson his daughter Lydia married Thomas Myerscough…..father of Winifred……

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